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Where it all began...

  • In 1984, when my grandfather passed away, my grandmother asked that we each give a gift of ourselves, instead of buying presents from a store, thus began one of our family traditions. Every year since then we each present our love in the form of a performance or something handmade, which allows us to celebrate each other while embracing that connection to family. Our instant chai mixes started as a homemade goodie that we shared at one of those family celebrations, but eventually led to the launch of Teas by Hiwa.

  • In honor of Haloanakalaukapalili, our elder; we chose the name, Hiwa for our eldest son. The name Teas by Hiwa allows us to convey our story and respect our Kūpuna (or ancestors). We believe we have a kuleana (or responsibility) to perpetuate the benefits of cultivating Hawai’i grown spices, herbs, and roots in order to transcend the conventional medicinal use. We do that by integrating traditional Hawaiian flavors throughout our modern products to soften the sometimes intimidating yet approachable bridge between what was then to what is now. In celebration of Hawai’i’s diversely grown crops we strive to normalize the use of nīoi (Hawaiian chili pepper), ‘olena (turmeric), niu (coconut), cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg,

  • At the height of the most recent worldwide pandemic, Hawai’i grown goods were able to sustain some of Hawai’i’s communities when other food resources couldn’t. The limitations imposed on travel both across Hawai’i and everywhere else, made the need to connect to family and Hawai’i that much greater. Teas by Hiwa was launched in October 2020 for this purpose. A little piece of family and home to fill your cup no matter how far you may be. cloves and allspice.

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Teas by Hiwa_Nioi Chai (1).jpg


Teas by Hiwa’s mission is to share our connection of who we are and where we’re from through instant chai. Our blends cultivate the significance of family through flavors of Hawai’i.

We contribute to the decrease in Hawai’i’s reliance on imported goods by using as many Hawai'i sourced ingredients possible and promote sustainability with our compostable packaging and labels. 

Company Values

At Teas by Hiwa, we value our connection to 'Ohana, 'Aina, and Sustainability

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