Sharing mana'o about the plants we use.




Edible Ginger is one of the many flavors we use at Teas by Hiwa,LLC that is grown and gathered from farms across Hawai’i. We would like to share a little mana’o about its amazing and versatile uses because after all, we all have a role to a more sustainable Hawai’i.

**** Please note that some are edible and some are not.

Ginger or ‘Awapuhi are part of a flowering perennial family and continues to be popular among gardens and floral displays across Hawai’i. It’s range of colors, sweet scents, and complementing uses make it a very practical plant to have. 

Historically, certain ginger varieties were used not just for its sweet smelling properties but for mending health concerns. Some of the health ailments included breaks in skin and various inner body aches where the ginger root was applied to specific areas of interests.

Certain Ginger varieties are believed to have “anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties” making it a common companion in drinks and body care products everywhere.

The next time you see locally grown ginger available at the farmers market’s or even if you’re considering adding it to your home garden challenge yourself to seek out expert ginger farmers to learn how to safely apply its various uses for your family. **** Please note that some are edible and some are not.